Posted by: chicagoshells | July 13, 2011

I guess I’m really doing this!

As my wife and I get closer and closer to starting our family (we’ll begin TTC, [or trying to conceive for folks who haven’t spent the past 7 years on or similar sites], in 2012, in case the blog title doesn’t give it away), I’ve learned more and found more inspiration than I could have imagined from reading other peoples’ blogs.  So, I’m starting my own.  Possibly our own experience will be able to offer something to someone someday (enough “somes”, there?)  If not, it will give me a record of this whole experience, to look back on and eventually guilt-trip our future children with…er, I mean, show them how very loved and wanted they were.

So…here goes.  Launching!  (Oh, and lest that word along with the blog title make it seem like I’m obsessed with outer space or something, that is most definitely not the case.  The title just popped into my head at about 4am this morning, and once I finally sat in front of the computer I couldn’t think of anything better).



  1. Yay! I’m really happy that I’ve stumbled upon your TTC blog. I’ve read numerous blogs over the past few weeks, but they’re all quite old (as in, they’ve been around for years and/or they’ve stopped blogging altogether). I’m excited to have found yours and get to read along from the beginning. My partner and I (who live in Australia) are going to start TTC mid 2012. I haven’t started a blog just yet as our life is probably quite boring & I don’t want to lose readers straight up….but we will start one when we get closer and have exciting things to write about. Can’t wait to read about your experiences. Good luck!

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