Posted by: chicagoshells | July 16, 2011

Sunny Days and Spermy Nights

So lately I’m dreaming about sperm.  Not every night, but it’s happened at least 4 times in the past few weeks.  Mostly it’s a recurring stress dream– I’m trying to find some profile that I really liked, but I can’t remember which bank’s website it was from, and I just keep looking through more and more profiles on more and more sites and getting more and more frustrated and wake up nearly hyperventilating.  Good times.  But the other night I dreamed that I was actually supposed to produce the sperm myself, and for some reason it was supposed to come out of my ears.  And I was freaking out because the sperm wasn’t coming out of my ears, and Trouble was ovulating and NEEDED THAT SPERM, and I didn’t know what to do, so I was jumping up and down on one foot with my head tilted to the opposite side, banging my hand on the other side of my head, like I used to do after swimming when I had water in my ears that wouldn’t come out.  The sperm still wouldn’t come out (funny, it didn’t work all that well with pool water, either).  I woke up scratching at my ears.

I’ve mentioned we’re still over 5 months away from actually TTC, right?  At this rate, I’ll be locked on a psych ward by then for sure.


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