Posted by: chicagoshells | September 17, 2011

Extra pepperoni with that sperm?

This past week, I ordered some long profiles and assorted “extras”  from three sperm banks.  Strangely, the whole thing reminded me of the first time I realized you could order a pizza online.  Go through the steps, check off what crust and sauce and toppings you want, put in your credit card number, and your perfect pizza arrives on your doorstep.  In this case, I went through the steps, checked off my preferred hair color, eye color, and religion, sorted through the results to pull out a few profiles I was particularly interested in, put in my credit card number, and within minutes I could access the medical history, audio clips, and baby pictures of an assortment of men.  This whole thing is completely surreal.  On one level, I can’t believe how MUCH information I have.  A paternal aunt with a drug problem.  Maternal grandmother with diabetes in old age.  A father with prostate cancer, who is in remission and doing well.  I’m sure many of my straight friends have had children with their husbands with less medical history.  But on the flip side, no amount of information seems like enough with which to make such an important decision.  How can I possibly decide if the donor who likes basketball, blue, and middle eastern food is superior to the one who likes skiing, orange, and all kinds of soup?  It’s all kinds of overwhelming…and yet I do find myself moving, slowly, towards some front-runners.  Jewish with brown hair and brown eyes has always been a given for me.  Lately I feel like I owe it to my future children to use a WTBK (“willing to be known”) donor, in case they want to meet him when they grow up.  So it’s narrowed down pretty far for me already.  And although the idea of looking at adult pictures of the donors still weirds me out (the whole “huh, so that man’s going to get my wife pregnant” is still too bizarre), the donors who provide baby pictures are getting some “extra credit,” if you will.  Especially that one whose picture looks an awful lot like me.



  1. i say go with mr “looks like you,” provided he doesn’t sound like a tool in the audio clip. some people also like to see reported pregnancies, just to know the spunk works.

    heh. spunk. icky.

  2. Hi, fellow Chicagoan! So nice to have found your blog! 🙂 I agree to go with the one who looks like you as long as he sounds decent–your bank might even have a photomatch option where they’ll look at your pics and your top choices and tell you the best match (without you having to do the gross adult photo thing).

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