Posted by: chicagoshells | October 25, 2011

Gearing up…

Lots going on recently! Last week we had our initial consult with the local clinic where we’re planning to do our IUIs, and today we had our (phone) consult with the sperm bank we’ve chosen. I expected to be overwhelmed with the information, but it was pretty much all stuff I already knew (I guess 7 years of obsessive internet research will do that to a person). Even Trouble was bored by the end of today’s discussion (I guess living with me will do that to a person).

I’m really happy with the local clinic. It’s a “by women, for women” place, with a particular emphasis on the queer community, and I feel incredibly lucky to have access to such a place. It’s very homey and comfortable and they start very low-intervention, which is exactly what we want. Trouble said “I just love that the place that’s going to get me pregnant has a lesbian sex book in the waiting room.” Yes.

The sperm bank consult went well too, and the nurse practitioner we were speaking to used to live in our area and raved about the clinic. I like that the clinic is familiar with our bank (they even have long profiles there that we could have browsed for free…damn me and my advance planning!), and the bank is familiar with our clinic. It just makes me more confident that both places are legit. Not that I was exactly worried about that, but…I don’t know. I still wish we could just get pregnant without all these outside organizations involved, but being that that’s impossible, at least I know we’re using reputable outside organizations to help us.

So, that’s what’s new on the”action” front. We’re getting there, and that’s exciting. On the “mental” front, a few blips on the “envy” radar lately. A couple weeks ago my ex (who is still my friend. You know. We’re lesbians) told me she was pregnant (umm…to those few of you who know me and therefore her “IRL,” this is still a secret, so no congratulating her on Facebook quite yet, OK?) I knew she and her wife were trying, so this wasn’t unexpected, and honestly I thought I would take it harder than I did. I was rather proud of myself that, when she told me, I felt genuinely happy for her. But today I found out that another college “friend” had a baby a few weeks ago. And this is a person that I’ve always thought would be, well, honestly, a pretty terrible mother. So it stings a bit. AND I have a pregnant friend coming into town this weekend. She’s one I’m totally thrilled for, but still…that’s a lot of pregnancy/baby in a pretty short time period. At least we’re finally being proactive now. If we were further away from actually trying, I’m sure I’d be sobbing on my couch eating a giant bag of M&Ms right now.

So, wide world of the internet, that’s my update.  It’s a lot more exciting in real life than it is written down in this format, but what can you do?



  1. I just found out a good friend is pregnant. And, surprisingly, it still kind of sucks, even though I am, too. I think wanting it for so long is hard to let go of–hopefully soon you’ll be the one announcing your pregnancy, though!

  2. 1. excuse me while i faint from shock that you have planned so hard that you’ve just maybe slightly over-planned. shock, i say.

    2. i am going to be 900000000 — how many 0’s in a zillion? — times more excited about your baby than about ex’s. (no real offense to ex. just sayin’.)

    3. yes, yes, i’ll keep my mouth shut.

    4. though i might demand hush money in the form of that other name…. AND IT BETTER NOT BE MINE.

    5. nothing like wanting to get a move on to make the babies come oozing out of the woodwork. yep. i still can’t believe i managed to have the bean before any of my cousins went and got knocked up. i was SO SURE that call was on its way.

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