Posted by: chicagoshells | February 10, 2012

Getting back in the game(s)

Since last I wrote…

I have my life back 🙂

I have been weight-bearing on my ankle for the past few weeks.  I’ve been using just one crutch since about a week after that, and as of today was officially cleared to ditch it to the extent that I’m comfortable.  OK, I’m kind of a chicken and will still be carting the thing around to help with some stairs and getting on and off of the bus, but…yay!  Happy dance!  Well, not really, as dancing is still a bit out of my ability, but…happy limp!

I started back to work full-time last week.  It was completely bizarre at first but is now settling into comfortable, normal, and downright boring-in-a-good-way.  I like the group of people I am working with most closely right now a lot, and they’ve all been ridiculously kind and gracious about helping me with some of the things that remain a challenge physically.  The only downside (ok, other than the fact that my ankle likes to swell up and ache and my knee likes to get really stiff and ache and I can’t WAIT until I don’t have to think to remember the best way to stand up) is that Trouble and I are back on our opposite schedules, and I miss her tremendously.  The time we got to spend together was most definitely a perk of this whole crappy experience. 

And on the baby front…I just made our appointment for the second consultation with our clinic 🙂  They’ll look over Trouble’s charts and notes from over the past few months and, assuming they don’t see anything there that I’ve missed with my overanalyzing, they should clear us to start trying next month.  And overanalyzing, as it is my specialty, I have been doing.  For the most part, I’m in awe of Trouble’s body (well, ok, that I’ve known for many years, but I’m talking about the inner workings here, not just how beautiful she is).  Last month she got a little smiley face on an OPK, and a couple days later her temp rose!  Two weeks later her temp dropped quite a bit, and she got her period that night!  Amazing!  Seriously, I know I sound like a freak, but my own body just…doesn’t work like that.  Over the past couple years my cycles have ranged from 24 to 188 days.  This 26-to-28-days-like-clockwork thing is just bizarre to me.  Anyway, big picture, everything looks good…so of course I find myself freaking out about the little things.  Her LH surge seems short- she tested in the morning on day 12 last month, and it was negative.  I had a weird feeling that she should test again in the evening, and it was positive.  By the next morning, negative again.  I’ve read that this is not remotely out of the normal range, but it sure does make me paranoid that we’re going to miss that crucial little smiley face.  Her pre-ovulation temps also seem super high this month, but I’m pretty sure I can blame that on our out-of-control bedroom radiator.  Bottom line…she gets the positive OPK, her temp rises.  It sure looks like she’s ovulating.  So there’s no reason we shouldn’t be given the all-clear sign.

Which brings me back to…holy crap.  All that waiting, all that angst about even more imposed-by-forces-beyond-my-control waiting, and part of me wonders if we’re really ready to do this.  From what I hear, this is normal, and I need to remind myself that if everyone waited until they were truly “ready” to have a child, the human race would completely die out.  We’re ready, or at least ready enough to try, and if we’re lucky enough that it should work right away, we have many months to get more ready.  Right?  Right.



  1. Right! And buy lots of internet cheapie OPKs if it makes you feel better to have her test all the time–you can use them as a guide and then break out the fancy one when she’s getting close. I found it really reassuring.
    Happy hopping! Hopefully you’ll find yourself standing up one day soon and have no idea how you decided to go about it!

  2. (although, fwiw, Internet cheapie did not work for me, but then, neither did temping, so probably they will for trouble.)

    Hooray for your lovely legs! I am so pleased to hear all of that.

    As for ready, I assure you that you aren’t. But no one is: some things it is not possible to be ready for. That’s no reason not to do it.


  3. I second the recommendation to get the inexpensive internet tests. I use these- and they work really well for me. I tend to have a positive result for 18 or so hours. Also I always use OPKs at least twice a day. Around 11am or noon and again around 5pm or so. Once they start inching closer to positive I might even test three times per day just to be sure (but my cycles are much closer to yours in range so I definitely don’t want to miss my chance!). 😉
    Good luck! I’m glad to hear that things are moving along and that your ankle is doing better.

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