Posted by: chicagoshells | March 24, 2012

Moving Right Along

Trouble got her period right on schedule today. Which is good, in one sense– if it had been late this month of all months, my hopes would have gone through the roof and the disappointment would have been all the more crushing. As it is, although I am, of course, sad and disappointed, I’m also not surprised. While beginner’s luck would have been awesome, I didn’t really expect this first cycle to work. On to next month, and although I actually did better than I would have guessed at keeping the second-guessing and over-analyzing down to a minimum, I may ask the clinic if we shouldn’t tweak the timing just a bit. We shall see….



  1. 😦 Sorry to hear it. Next time!

  2. aw, crap. every negative sucks, even the first one.

    here’s hoping it’s also the last.

  3. I nominated your blog for a liebster award

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