Posted by: chicagoshells | April 7, 2012

Holiday Baby

We had our second insemination for this cycle bright and early this morning. Afterwards, Trouble and I were lying around talking about the fact that, should this cycle be the lucky one, this baby would be quite the Holiday Baby. Conceived on Easter/Passover weekend. We’ll find out if if worked shortly before my birthday. Due date would fall between Christmas and New Years. And connected to Valentine’s Day, too. How, you ask? Because the date on yesterday’s vial of baby juice was “February 14, 2009.” So…Valentine’s Day three years ago. It was a Saturday. I have no idea exactly what Trouble and I did, though I might be able to dig out an old calendar and find out, but I know I had to work. So my guess is that we went out for brunch before I had to be in. And while we were eating and being lovey and even my obsessive brain probably wasn’t thinking about babies, around 2,000 miles away a young Jewish guy with brown hair and eyes was…uh, depositing into a plastic cup. And that deposit could end up creating our baby, years later. It’s so weird. Not the Valentine’s Day sperm, specifically, although something about that being his activity on that particular day is amusing to me. Just the realization that, whenever our baby is conceived, this cycle or next or sometime down the line, half of the genetic material involved was collected hundreds of days beforehand. It makes me feel strangely good, and sitting here writing I finally figured out why. The donor, the facet of this process that people who really don’t “get it” always seem to focus on and ask about, is just so far removed from the actual creation of this baby. I mean, obviously we couldn’t do it without that key genetic material, and I’m grateful to the scientists who developed this technology and all the men who donate the sperm that allows couples like us to create families. But when we look back on our baby’s conception, it will have nothing to do with the donor. His contribution ended years ago. We’ll remember being together. We’ll remember that I asked for the extra pillow for Trouble, that I held her hand and rubbed her tummy and forehead and pushed the plunger on the syringe. We will be the ones who created that baby, in that moment. And that feels good.



  1. I so hope you get your holiday baby. What a sweet and symbolic time to get pregnant. I have my fingers crossed for you two.

  2. it’s a good point about the time difference–one I’d never thought of. Come on, holiday baby!

  3. i didn’t find out the date on the vial that worked until recently, and it’s weird, somehow, knowing. it was after we started what i think of as the TTC process (though before we had started insems), but still pretty far out from when we used the sucked. its month and day are from the week of our first pregnant u/s.

  4. […] While the giant tank (although, I have to admit, it’s smaller than I’d been led to believe by friends…though still ridiculous compared to the teensy tiny sperm vial) will be delivered to our house this evening, we already got the paperwork from the bank with the info on the “sample”…count, motility, all that good stuff.  And the date of the donation.  Valentine’s Day, 2009.  Throwback. […]

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