Posted by: chicagoshells | June 1, 2012

Proud Grandparents :)

I’m visiting my parents, so I told them our incredible news a few days ago. They were completely overjoyed, and I truly can’t imagine that the reaction would have been any different if I were the pregnant one. I bought these ‘Grandmother Remembers” and “Grandfather Remembers” books for them a year ago. My grandmother filled out one for me (it took her 13 years!) and I love all the family history and stories in it. I wrapped them and told my parents they were late mother’s day/early father’s day presents. They unwrapped them and as they saw what they were I said “The baby’s due in December.” My mom just kept saying “Oh my God” and hugged me and my father got tears in his eyes. Then I showed them the ultrasound pics from last week. It was perfect. They asked lots of questions, but all were respectful and things I had no problem sharing. We should be seeing Trouble’s family in about two weeks and plan to tell them then– it’s nice to have the luxury to share the news in person.



  1. Tearing up at work reading this. What milestone for you and for them!

  2. This is lovely. I very much hope my partners Mother will be as accepting/happy ‘when’ we finally get our BFP.

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