Posted by: chicagoshells | October 20, 2012

Stubborn Boy

We had one of the fancy 3D/4D ultrasounds today.  When the tech got started, Mulberry had both his hands over his face.  She nudged him for a bit.  He kept his hands there.  She had Trouble roll onto her side.  No change.  Trouble got up and jumped around a bit, then got back on the table.  Hands still on his face.  Then the tech asked us if we wanted to schedule a re-do session.  Mulberry almost immediately took both hands off his face and even treated us to the (adorable, if I do say so myself) sight of him yawning.  Apparently he REALLY didn’t want to schedule another session.  Stubborn little guy…just like his Mommy…OK, and his Mama too.

Trouble is 30 weeks pregnant today.  I can’t believe that in just 10 weeks our little man will be here with us.  Exciting things happening in the next few weeks…two baby showers, birthing classes (yes, I’m more than a little nervous about being sent to a different room with a bunch of Dads, but I’m trying to be a grown-up about it), a meeting with a lawyer to get started on the second-parent adoption.  OK, that’s not so much exciting, exactly.  No, I can’t say I’m excited about paying a large sum of money to adopt the child who is already unquestionably MY son.  But there’s no question of not doing it– we’ll do whatever gives our family the most protection, so there it is. 

It’s pretty amazing to look back at this time last year and compare it to where we are now.  Last year at this time, we had just had our first session with the clinic who helped Trouble get pregnant.  I was just about to order the baby juice.  Now we’re just a couple months away from being parents.  Incredible.

Last year at this time, of course, I was also about to be almost killed by a drunk driver.  As the weather changes and conversations of Halloween and harvest potlucks become more frequent, the accident has been on my mind a lot.  I thought I was handling it fairly well and then I got an e-mail notification that there is another court date involving Drunk Driver scheduled for November 1.  I was under the impression that after that horrible day in court in August, that part of this ordeal was over.  A bit of digging around unearthed the information that Drunk Driver is allegedly in violation of her probation, and that date is when the probation department will present that infraction to the judge.  Unfortunately, there’s no way until then if the violation is something minor like paying a fine late…or something major like driving on her suspended license or failing a breathalizer.  It’s so weird…after the sentencing, I said (and even wrote here!) that I wished there was a way for me to know if she stuck to all the terms and conditions of her probation.  So on one level, I’m glad that I have this information.  But on another, I do wish I didn’t have to think about it again…and especially right now, pretty much ON the anniversary of the accident, when I’m already kind of…well, fragile, for lack of a better word.  Oh, well.  My therapist reminds me that this was a life-changing event, and that NOT thinking about it daily would be like not thinking about Trouble or Mulberry every day.  So…working on believing that and getting through this month…which is certainly helped by thinking about how soon Mulberry will be here, out in the world with us. 

One of the few pictures that we were able to get today of Mulberry’s adorable face:




  1. Aww…glad he cooperated! And I’m sorry that the timing is so bad on the court date. I’ve heard that the first anniversary of anything is the hardest–after that it starts to be less painful each time. I hope that’s true for you!

  2. Great pic! Sorry about the anniversary. I hope each one gets easier and I can’t imagine how that won’t be possible with that little cutie!

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