Posted by: chicagoshells | April 24, 2014

Things I Don’t Want to Forget


You’re 16 months old today…wow.  A few weeks ago I finally updated your baby book for the first time since you were about 5 months old. I always thought I’d be the kind of mom who documented diligently, but that was before I knew the reality of life with a child! 

In the past few months, you’ve become such a person.  You are the son of two quite stubborn mothers, and you already have that streak in you.  You know what you want and when you want it.  You also seem to learn more every day.  You repeat new words, and remember them– Mommy and Mama need to work on their cursing or we’re going to be in trouble!

We’ve been very busy these past few months…we are getting ready to move to a new house where you’ll have much more room to play, but it’s been hectic and I worry that the days move too fast.  I worry that I’ll forget these things about amazing little/not-so-little you.  Here are some things about you that I want to make sure I remember later:

-You usually wake up happy and talk to yourself in your crib.  “Uh-oh” is one of your favorite things to say, even when there’s no reason for it. 

-You love animal noises.  We can ask you what a horse, cow, sheep, dog, elephant, lion, monkey, or snake says, and you will grin and make the corresponding noise. Of course, we’re certain you’re something of a genius.

-You have amazing fine motor skills and love to put coins in a piggy-bank…and at this point, you hardly ever even try to eat them instead.

-You love keys and like to try to fit them into doors and other locks.

-You love our cats, but you also love dogs, and will almost climb out of your stroller trying to get to the ones we see on the street so you can pet them.  You’re not even two, and I can already imagine myself breaking my “I’ll never own a dog” promise because you love them so much.

-You point to the El running on the tracks above us with glee and cry “choo-choo!”  You bounce with joy watching it.  You also point to the sky and point out “eh-panes!” (although sometimes you’re not sure if the flying thing is a bird or a plane).

-Sometimes in the middle of playing in the house, you’ll very deliberately go over and sit in your stroller, telling us clearly that you want to go out.  Once outside, though, you often call “Walk!” and squirm to get out of the stroller to walk on your own.]

-You love music and dancing.

-You hate when Mommy or Mama (or Grandma) leave you with a babysitter.  No matter how many times the sitters assure me you’re fine after I leave, it breaks my heart.  You know that the door buzzer usually means a sitter is coming, and you will try to climb me like a tree.  It’s terrible and wonderful at the same time.

-When I come home or to pick you up at day-care you break in to a huge smile and hurry to me with your arms out to get picked up.  Once at daycare, seated at the table doing an art project, you saw me, signed “all done,” and climbed over the table in your haste to get to me.

-You seem like such a big boy so much of the time, but when I sing and rock you to sleep, you still feel small in my arms.  I love the weight of you and the way you settle against me, the way your eyes flutter closed.  No matter how busy or exasperated or exhausted I am, I am so incredibly grateful that you are in my life, that I get to be your Mama.




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