Posted by: chicagoshells | January 7, 2015

Return of the Valentine’s Day Sperm

Again, with the “I mean to write more often.”  Hats off to the many moms I know who work, parent, and still manage to share witty and articulate blog posts on a semi-regular basis.  Clearly, I’m not one of them.  I suppose I could be if I devoted more time to writing and less to binge-watching Orange is the New Black (I know, I’m what– two years behind the world on that one?) but, such is life.

We did sneak in our one 2014 try, in early December.  We did try at home.  While we didn’t conceive, it was a positive experience– trying at home was less intimidating and overwhelming than expected, and the concept of conceiving a child in our bedroom rather than a clinic was kind of awesome.  So, we’re going to try at home for at least a few more cycles.  Unless, of course, we’re fortunate enough to get lucky on our second try, like we did with Mulberry.  And that try will be…TONIGHT.

While the giant tank (although, I have to admit, it’s smaller than I’d been led to believe by friends…though still ridiculous compared to the teensy tiny sperm vial) will be delivered to our house this evening, we already got the paperwork from the bank with the info on the “sample”…count, motility, all that good stuff.  And the date of the donation.  Valentine’s Day, 2009.  Throwback.

It is both bizarre and amazing to realize that exact same sperm donation that helped up create Mulberry could also help create his brother or sister, almost three years later.  Bizarre, amazing, and comforting in the same way that long-ago donation date comforted me years ago.  This man’s donation is crucial.  Of course.  And I will always be grateful.  But in the process of conception, in the moment of conception,  he is irrelevant.  That is reserved for me and Trouble.

Here’s hoping that the Valentine’s Day Sperm is lucky for us once again.



  1. Sadly, you’re a day late to inseminate on Twelfth Night. I do so love the idea of naming the kid Epiphany, though. Imagine the birth story: “ah yes, the day I had that Epiphany…” Or being overdue: “don’t mind me, I’m just waiting for an Epiphany…” Good luck!

  2. Ah! Good luck!!! I hope lucky #2 brings you your baby #2.
    Also re: blogging, I don’t know how some people do it all. I’ve been trying a bit more as of late but between parenting, working, volunteering, and trying to sleep a decent amount it’s a struggle to do much of anything else.

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